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So many passwords, so little time

So many passwords, so little time - we can count at least a dozen different user names and passwords that I use to access systems on a regular basis. Plus a whole bunch for rarely used services that I've completely forgotten. So it is no surprise that a major focus at this year’s RSA Conference is the sorry state of password security. It seems that most of us are using fewer than five passwords for all our computer access. Easier to remember, although perhaps from a security point of view this is not the best practice, as it puts a few too many eggs in too few baskets. A lucky one in eight have even managed the tremendous feat of slimming down to one password for everything, which would have any self-respecting hacker rubbing their hands with glee. Of course, that password is almost certainly "password" or their own name. And it's probably written on a post-it note stuck to the side of their monitor.

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On the subject of passwords. I think the clever "so and so" that invented the electronic gadget to store "up to" four of your credit card pass codes must have a really good sense of humour.
Fancy getting prople to buy a gadget that holds these, I would think highly sensative, numbers and then make them easily attachable to a purse (that of course contains the relavent cards). If we want to make things easier for the card thieves,why not write the numbes in indelible ink on the cards.----------People actually buy these things?

Posted by: Rita Dorson | February 17, 2005 01:53 PM

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