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The Teletubbies are evil

Simon Singh may be a great author but he may have overreached himself on his keynote speech.

First off he proved that the Teletubbies were evil. The thinking is this; the BBC spent time and money creating the Teletubbies. Everyone knows time equals money so the equation time and money becomes money and money. Since money is the root of all evil thus the Teletubbies are the

spawn of Satan.


There were more Satanic references later. He played Led Zepplin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ backwards as a demonstration of how humans can be fooled. At first it sounded like gibberish but after he displayed words about sad Satan hurting in a woodshed half the conference claimed to have heard the words.

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>>> Since money is the root of all evil... <<<

A common misconception, but the phrase is actually 'The love of money is the root of all evil'

Posted by: Andrew | 18 Feb 2005 14:59:56

I knew it!! I knew it!! I knew it all the time

Posted by: Anonymous | 18 Feb 2005 19:48:42

I love satan. and we should be more accepting of him.

Posted by: nothing | 30 Jun 2005 19:47:50

why do they create things like that

Posted by: | 4 Sep 2005 19:12:59

stairway to heaven huh? i should try that....

Posted by: chicken | 21 Nov 2005 13:50:44

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