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Sweet, give me suites!

If you were looking to pick a fight with a vendor of security products three years ago, you would tell him that he needed a suite of security products. Some applications that work together nicely, do a good enough job and offer the user a one stop shop.

After they recovered from their hearth attacks because they realized that they would never be able to offer such a solution, they would start explain that users want best of breed. Security is not an area where you compromise.

The security vendors of course were living in their own little post 11 September bubble. Users were throwing money at security like Saudis use oil dollars to fund terrorists.

Users need best of breed. That of course is why Computer Associates decided to acquire a tool that eliminates unused accounts and passwords. Keep dreaming: CA is a company that thrives on offering "good enough" solutions to its users. CA's biggest strength is that it is a one stop shop for IT managers.

Security is moving to suites faster than ever. And for users and IT admins that is only good news.

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