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Microsoft's open vista

I'm getting more and more sceptical about


, despite what Microsoft say.


Maybe I'm just jaded, but this is my fourth Microsoft operating system launch (95, 98, 2000 and XP – I, like the rest of the industry try to forget Windows Me) and when it finally comes I suspect it'll be a bit of a let down.


Of course we're only getting early information but beefed up anti spam software and a smarter firewall? They might have been years in development but hackers are going to go through them like a hot knife through butter. Not because it's bad code, although they might be, but because it's written by Microsoft and is going to be the operating system most people use.


I can't use his name but the MD of a UK security firm, full of Christmas cheer the other week, gave me what I think will be the collective reaction to the improvements in Windows.


"Microsoft's firewall, ah bless. But seriously…"

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