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BlackBerry kill pill in demand

With BlackBerries popping up everywhere, one function that has become essential for the enterprise security manager is a kill pill that allows the company to trash all data on a lost or stolen device.

Makes sense given the amount of mobile devices that go missing every day.

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One less malware gang

A gang of three UK cyber criminals have been arrested as part of an international crackdown on virus writers. The Met apparently worked in partnership with Finnish authorities to make the arrests, but it doesn't explain what the link to Finland is.

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Nokia rings up security bug

Finnish mobileco Nokia has alerted users to a bug found in its PC Suite software that could be exploited by hackers to compromise a user's system. The flaw is found in the ActiveX environment, creates a security hole in PC Suite rendering the user's computer system vulnerable to harmful attack.

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NHS mobile security in poor health

The UK National Health Service has been slammed for failing to provide adequate security for potentially sensitive data held on mobile storage devices. Yep, that could be your medical records on some doctors unsecured mobile device.

But what's worrying is the blase attitude the NHS seems to have to the potential dangers.

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Phisher gets time

This is what we like to hear -  a 23-year-old phishing site operator from Iowa has been sentenced to a 21 month jail term and has to pay $57,294 in restitution. This will be followed by three years supervised release.

Don't drop the soap now.

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Putting the boot in

I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Some virus or other is using the World Cup as its hook to trick users into opening a malicious file.

I remember similar tricks been pulled during previous World Cups, so I guess the security guys were expecting this one.

Red card ref.

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Media firms under hacker attack

A new report from Deloitte claims that technology, media and telecoms firms are under the gun, as their increasing dependence on technology opens doors to attack.

Apparently 50 per cent of such companies have been hit in the past year.

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Big Brother really is watching you

Almost a third of large companies in the UK and the US have admitted to hiring snoops to read and analyse employees' emails in a bid to mitigate legal, financial or regulatory risks.

And that's just the ones that admit to it.

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