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TSA loses important hard drive

Another one of those 'oops' situations. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which, ironically, is part of Homeland Security, has 'misplaced' an external hard drive with details of 100,000 employees on it. They still don't know if its been lost or stolen. Incredible isn't it?

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The HD-DVD crack debacle

This has been an interesting one to watch, not because a key has been circulating that allows users to disable the copy protection on Blu-ray and HD-DVD, but because of the effect of the scramble to stop the key spreading. It's really only succeeded in making the matter worse - for instance, when Digg tried to pull all postings of the key, users only posted more and even flooded the site at one point.

There's a reason why it's called user generated content - and if you run a site like that, it belongs to the community.

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An unusual punishment

Microsoft has forced a software pirate to take out an ad in a trade magazine advertising his guilt. The Redmond Giant worked the unusual punishment into a case it won against the pirate. Maybe we'll be seeing more of these...

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Highly critical Adobe flaw is reporting on a vulnerability in various Adobe Products, which can be exploited by malicious people to compromise a user's system. Successful exploitation allows execution of arbitrary code.

The vulnerability is confirmed in Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe Photoshop Elements (Editor) version 5.0 for Windows and reportedly affects Adobe Photoshop CS3.

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