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HD DVD hacked already

Well that didn't take long. While most people are relaxing over the Christmas holidays one enterprising hacker has gone and broken the crypto on the HD DVD format. In a 2 min video posted on YouTube he gives you an indication of how its done and has also posted source code for his implementation of the AACS crypto protocol. Probably one to watch come next year.

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More ID database shenanigans

Ho ho ho. Never saw this one coming, no really. Now the government is *not* planning to build a national ID database based on the national ID card scheme. But you can bet that the project already has cost the tax payer billions.

Oh no, instead they're going to turn it into a nationwide data sharing project, sucking up info from loads of different databases. Some watchers have pointed out the security concerns of opening up all these databases, but I wouldn't worry yet. It's not like they'll actually get a system capable of doing this up and running anytime soon. Whilst still costing the tax payer billions more of course. And some people will be charged for the ID card. Thanks!

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Skype 'worm' downgraded

Bit of a step down here from Websense. They've had to downgrade a suspected worm that spreads via Skype to a user activated Trojan. Would be intersting/scary if something did pop up that was to propagate on its own via Skype.

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Opera goes antiphishing

Opera said today that it has added phishing protection and fraud protection to its browser. The company is using technology from GeoTrust and PhishTank to harden its platform.

More info here.

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The hunt for Vista Frankenbuild

Looks like the boys in Redmond have their eyes on the hackers trying to get around Windows Vista product activation, or the affectionately named "Frankenbuilds."

At present they seem to have picked up two distinct workarounds. Microsoft has invested heavily in combatting the pirates and future updates will mean that non-genuine installations will only be able to be used for an hour at a time.

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The growing botnet threat

Botnets now account for 22 per cent of all malware, up from 3 per cent in 2004, new research says.

McAfee says botnets are the UK’s fastest growing online threat, compromising 12 million computers worldwide.

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