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You are talking out of your BackOrifice

It's been widely touted recently that the threat from viruses and worms is rapidly being overcome. One of the latest proponents of this argument is Symantec, which has asserted that such threats are effectively a thing of the past.


Traditional nasties are, Symantec burbles, waning as cyber-criminals turn to identity theft. But how are these nefarious scammers conducting their identity thievery? They are not hiding in dark alleyways, jumping on unsuspecting victims and making off into the choking miasma of  Olde London  Town to pass on their ill-gotten gains to some shadowy cyber-Fagin.

In fact they are using a variety of methods including key-loggers, rootkits and precisely the Trojans that Symantec says are no longer a threat to steal sensitive personal and financial details.

We, with due respect, believe that the proponents of the notion that we've seen the last of viruses, Trojans and worms are talking out of their BackOrifices.

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